When you visit others infrequently, they’re always changing. When you visit yourself infrequently, you never change a thing.

Can I be the only one to think of random shit like this at stop lights?

I doubt it. It’s as if those words came to me from somewhere, or someone, else. They smacked me in the skull when I least expected it. But I guess all thoughts dance around our world in that manner. Bouncing around through the ages, too. That’s a little poetic but it must be true. Because wtf does a wise play on words have to do with urban planning.

Maybe it came from the place where damned fortune cookie wisdom, the advice that was a bit too verbose to fit on a slip of paper, goes to die. Maybe I read it in a book somewhere.

I don’t know why it chose me.

Either way, it was a tourist in my mind today. Right before the angry honk sent it off to vacation in another skull.

And, for a moment, it was a Tourist in yours.

Note: Back in the day, like a few hundred years ago, everyone thought of creativity in this way. Look, it’s kinda scientific – I don’t want to get into it right now. But you should watch this TED talk – if you have 19 minutes and 28 seconds.

Don’t play yourself. You know you do.


3 thoughts on “On Random Thoughts

  1. Randomly-triggered introspection is a weird thing. That’s why I try to make sure I’m not operating any heavy machinery like my car when it strikes. If it’s about to come on, I’ve got some MP3s to pull up and sing myself hoarse (hopefully I’m alone in the car).

    “What did she ever see in that guy that made her – WHAT YOU WANT *ooh* BABY I GOT IT *ooh* WHAT YOU NEED *ooh* WELL YOU KNOW I GOT IT..”

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