How To Really Make America Great Again: An Idiot’s Guide.

Check your ego at the door. Talk about ideas with someone you don’t agree with. Learn something from them, don’t let them change you. And, when you’re done, go pick up some trash or something. You’ve thrown way too many things out of your window. You don’t need a red hat, or a big sign at a rally, to make America great again.


I Don’t Read To Be Smarter Than You.

Writing about reading is weird. Talking about reading is pretentious. But reading isn’t any of those things. At least not to me.

I don’t read to be smarter than you.

I read to be smarter than me. I read because often times the screen enslaves imagination. I read because I’m curious. I use a ladder of books to climb upon the shoulders of Giants. I read because without books, I’d be blind to all the possibilities. Why do you read?

Civilized To Stress?

At first glance, the notion that the color of our thoughts can dye our very biology seems like a giant leap. Upon closer inspection, however, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. Take the placebo effect or the healing power of faith, for example. These are things that, for the most part, have no scientific explanation yet are common and predictable factors in our world.

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